Suggested Tours for Atma Living

South Coast Half Day Tour/Spice & Historical Tour

  • Fort Frederick or Fort George
    Entry Fee: US $2.00 each
  • Laura Herb and Spice Gardens
    Entry Fee: US $2.00
  • Clark’s Court Rum Distillery
    Entry Fee: US $3.00

-Visit Fort Frederick or Fort George. These two forts depict the history of the French and English conflict. Explore Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden; learn about our various spices and fruits. Tour Clark’s Rum Distillery/ factory and sample a variety of alcoholic beverages. This distillery has received numerous awards for its quality tasting alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to purchase your choice.  

Full Day All Rum and Chocolate Tour

  • Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery
  • Westerhall Rum Estate
  • Diamond Chocolate Factory
  • Belmont Estate
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery

– 6 Hours – 

Half Day Sightseeing Shopping Tour

  • Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery
  • Fort Frederick
  • Lowther’s Lane Lookout
  • Annadale Waterfall
  • Guided Walking Tour of St. George’s.

– 5 Hours – 

Hiking and Nature Rehabilitation Tour

  • Annadale Waterfall Stop
  • Hike to Seven Sisters Waterfall
  • Hike to Mirabeau Sulfur Springs.

– 6 Hours – 

Sunset Getaway Tour

Choice of Sunset Lookout at either

  • Fort Frederick,
  • Fort George
  • Grand Anse Beach
  • With champagne or red wine service

– 2 Hours – 

Night Time Bar Hoping Tour

  • Esther’s Bar Shop
  • The Container Park
  • Junction Bar & Grill
  • West Indies Beer Company
  • Umbrella’s Beach Bar

– 5 Hours – 

Strictly Cocoa Full Day Tour

  • Diamond Chocolate Factory
  • Crayfish Bay Organic Estate
  • Belmont Estate with Lunch
  • House of Chocolate

– 6 Hours –