We are proud of our islands! The state of Grenada consists of three islands: Grenada, the main island, and Carriacou and Petit Martinique, smaller islands to the north.

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The islands are volcanic in origin with a central ridge of mountains, the highest of which is Mount St. Catherine at 804 metres (2757 ft) on Grenada. With rich soil, warm temperatures and good rainfall, Grenada is known as ‘the Spice Isle’ of the Caribbean – there are more spices per unit area grown here than anywhere else.

St. Georges is one of the most dramatic capital cities in all the Caribbean. It is located around the remains of a submerged volcanic crater which forms a beautiful natural harbour. Overlooked by steep hills topped with ancient forts its easy to see why Grenada has been fought over many times in the past. Our busy, vibrant capital with its colourful and noisy fruit, vegetable and spice market is a favourite with visitors and the many cruise ship passengers that call here.

Grenville, on the windward coast retains a lot of its simple charms and repays visitors with the experience of a busy local Caribbean town.

Grand Anse, south of St Georges, is one of the most perfect golden sand beaches in the world. Further along the south coast La Sagesse Bay is unique and undeveloped, protected by headlands and backed by palm trees.


Grenadians are of mixed origins. Although primarily of African descent, there are European, Asian and Carib Indian influences too. Politically, Grenada is a lively democracy and a member of Caricom.


The currency is East Caribbean Dollars, although many businesses also accept US Dollars. The exchange rate is approximately 2.7 EC$ to 1 US$. There are many banks with ATM cash machines around the island and at the airport.

Getting Around

The easiest and cheapest way to travel around Grenada is by ‘dollar bus’. These are generally reliable, low-cost, fixed route mini-buses, filled with music and the chatter of other passengers. A great way to meet people. There are many conventional taxis that will take you anywhere on the island. We can also organise island tours for you – the best way to see the island with a local guide.

Grenada Fact File

Region: Windward Islands, Eastern Caribbean
Lat / Long: 61° 40′ W, 12° 07′ N
Land Area: 133 Square miles (344 sq. km)
Capital: St. George’s
Languages: English (official) & French Patois
Population: 106,000 approx.
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (“EC’s”)

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